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Untangling Tech

Untangling Tech

We keep up with technology so we can help explain it to you. We'll try new devices and share our thoughts on them. We'll share the cool apps our clients are using. We'll watch for the latest scams and alert you so you can protect yourself. Have a question? Send it through our Contact Us page and we'll answer you directly as well as blog about the topic and post it in our monthly newsletter.

We love your lists of digital questions!


Sometimes it’s the small things that matter the most. This is certainly true when it comes to digital questions. For example, an answer to a small question about downloading email attachments can make a huge difference in your life. We understand how several small questions can build up to big frustration. For this reason, we welcome all of your questions.

Make a list of your digital questions and give us a call to schedule an appointment for answers. Your lists can include a mix of questions about computers, smartphones, TVs, Wi-Fi, etc. You can make a list and your spouse can make a list, too. These appointments are some of our favorites because we love helping you unlock ways technology can simplify your life. So ask away…

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