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Help with your technology

Help with your technology

She's Wired helps untangle your tech


We love tech. It's that simple. Mac, PC, phones, photos, tablets: we do it all. We're passionate about helping you use your devices the way you want to use them, help you organize your digital world, and keep you and your family safe online. We want to make tech fun! That's why our mission is to make people happy by simplifying technology.


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Mac or PC

Whether you have a Mac or PC, She’s Wired will answer all your questions. Make a list of what you want to learn, and we will work one-on-one with you. She’s Wired will also create a visual, cheat sheet with step-by-step instructions on how to do everything you just learned.

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All Things Apple

Learn more about how to use your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple TV or get set up with iCloud. She’s Wired specializes in helping you make the most of your Apple devices. Devices out of sync? Give us a call and we'll get your devices talking to each other in no time. 


Your Devices

She’s Wired will help you determine the best solutions for your next TV, music and movie experience. We’ll work with you to find the right system that enhances your home entertainment world. Love music? We're fans of Sonos wireless speakers to help spread the joy of sound throughout your home. 

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Digital Photography

Hone your photography skills or learn how to get your photos off your phone or camera and onto your Mac or PC. Need help organizing all those travel or family photos? She’s Wired will teach you how to use photo tools like Apple Photos or Google Photos plus help you share your photos online with friends and family.

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Monitor Kids'
Online Activities

Do you know what your kids are doing online or on their cellphones? Are they sharing too much about themselves, interacting on social networking sites you don’t approve of, or chatting or emailing with people they don’t know? She’s Wired offers solutions on the right software to help you monitor their activities.

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Spring Cleaning All Year!

Does it weigh on you that your digital life is a little messy? Having trouble locating photos, e-mail or documents? Is your smart phone contacts and calendar in disarray? Could you use help organizing your computer documents and folders? Don’t know what to trash and what to keep? She’s Wired will bring order to your digital life!

Microsoft™ Made Easy

She’s Wired will get you up and working on the basics of Word™ processing, Excel™ spreadsheets and PowerPoint™ presentations.

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Computer Repair

If your Mac or PC is ailing, She’s Wired will have you back up and working in no time. Think you have a virus? We’ll remove it and make sure it never comes back. Need help backing up your computer documents? She’s Wired has the right solution.

I can’t imagine why I would get so frustrated by this machine, but once I put it all in your hands, the tension began to melt away.
— Janet, Lake Claire
Thank you! My husband and I actually watched an entire movie together for the first time this year.
Thank you for making our home more efficient and comfortable!
— Kelly, Buckhead
Sue was the perfect medicine for my technology ailments! Her approach to my problems put me right at ease.
— Marilyn, Midtown
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