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Apple adds new iPhones and new operating system for existing iPhones

Apple's recent announcement has me trying to select an iPhone upgrade. I love my iPhone 7. It still has the Home button that many of us love. But it randomly restarts itself; usually at the worst time. So, I'm going to take the plunge to the newest iPhone 11 Pro Max sometime after they appear in retail stores Sept. 20.

Based on the announcement, the iPhone 11 will have a better camera. That's what I'm most excited about. Jumping from the iPhone 7 camera to the iPhone 11 Pro camera is a huge leap in quality and features. As a photographer from a past life, I'm looking forward to the triple-camera system. Another bonus is an extra 5 hours of battery life. As it is, my iPhone 7 takes frequent naps trying to hold its charge. Also, anyone purchasing a new iPhone 11 will get 1 year of Apple's new streaming service AppleTV+. I'm all for free. It gives me a year to compare it to other streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, etc. and determine if I want to pay for another service or not.

Along with a new iPhones, there will be new iPhone software (iOS 13 ) released Thursday (Sept 19). As we mentioned in our July Newsletter, the updated software will not work on the iPhone 6. The new software works on iPhone 6s and newer iPhones. This is a big update to the iPhone software. There is lots of talk about it being faster, more efficient, highly optimized and it might even be able to fly you to the Space Station (uh, no, but wouldn't that be cool?). Regardless, with any big update, we recommend folks wait it out. Let first adopters and the She's Wired team take the plunge and work out the issues that can sometimes follow with larger updates. Once the bugs have been worked out, back up your iPhone using iTunes and/or iCloud and update.

Once I get my new iPhone 11 Pro Max I'll update with more information about the features and what I like, and don't like.

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