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Having trouble with BellSouth or AT&T email accounts? Here's some help

We have had a spate of calls recently concerning BellSouth or AT&T email accounts not working. When we notice problems that appear to affect multiple clients, we know the source is often beyond your individual computer or network. So we want to share what we have learned so far and offer solutions.


What we have most often heard is the email account still works on smartphones but not on computers. Apparently BellSouth and AT&T are moving their email servers. This move has caused some email users to get errors or not be able to receive or send emails. The changes affect people using Outlook or Mac Mail for their email.

Here are some solutions we have found to be helpful:

Use Webmail. Open a browser - Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc., - and go to, click on Mail in the upper, right corner. Follow directions to type in your username and password to make sure you are able to access your account. If not, your username or password is incorrect. If all info is correct, you should be able to see and access your mail.

If this doesn’t work…

Call AT&T. Most often this has been the key to restoring full email function. Call and ask to have your email password reset for the new servers. Do not let them simply point you to the email reset online. They will give you a temporary password that you will use to create a permanent password that meets security requirements. Call AT&T Digital Assistance at 877-285-0113. Press 3. If you have an AT&T number, enter it, if not, bypass prompts by pressing zero.

If after calling AT&T and resetting your password, you are still having problems accessing email, please call us at 404-935-9614 and we will help you get going again.

Thank you,

The She’s Wired Team

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