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Internet monitoring comes full Circle


This is not your mother’s internet anymore. Kids are finding new places to learn bizarre things that our former selves could not have imagined. (If you had stock in water bottle flipping videos, you win). That doesn’t make it any easier to parent, but now you can take back control of the internet with Circle parental controls. We trust it so much, we use it, too!

Circle gives parents the ability to monitor internet usage by creating profiles for each child that require a log-in to get on the internet for every device. Each profile can be customized to whichever security level is appropriate. Once that is all set you can begin monitoring internet usage, including which sites they are visiting and for how long. Need to get them to put the tablet down during dinner time? Use your Super Parent Powers and pause the internet completely. That should get their attention.


It seems like every child has a tablet or smart phone these days, but don’t worry about them when they are at home. As soon as a device attempts to join your Wi-Fi you will be alerted on your phone. You can approve or deny access to the device and select which security level it fits under, all from the palm of your hand. Circle even lets you set restrictions on and Xbox or PlayStation.

Set up is as easy as pairing a device by Bluetooth. All you need to do is pair the sleek white cube to your Wi-Fi and you’re ready to make your kids a little safer, at least in the digital world. For other questions, as well as help setting up your Circle account, give She’s Wired a call.