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Untangling Tech

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Photos in digital disarray?

This year, people will take about 14 trillion photos. 14,000,000,000,000. About 10 photos per person per day, 3,650 every year. That’s a lot of photos sitting on your phone and your hard drive.


Sorting through thousands of photos can feel overwhelming, but She’s Wired can help you sort and store your photos so you can enjoy them more. Here are five steps to get you started and keep you on track.

  1. Understand your style of thinking. Before She’s Wired experts touch a computer, they talk to their client to figure out how they like things organized. Some people think chronologically, preferring everything categorized by date. Others like to sort by topic.
  2. Sort by date. Sort all of your photos by date. Create folders for each year and move photos into them by year.
  3. Create categories. Create subfolders within each year. Depending on how you think, you can create monthly folders or create topics. Topics include: Travel, Birthdays, Holidays, Family, School Events, Parties, or whatever system you can devise.
  4. Create subcategories. Within your topic or monthly folders create subfolders. For example, within your Travel folder create subfolders for “Las Vegas 2016” and “France 2016.”
  5. Start good habits. Make it a habit to upload photos from your device to your computer as soon as you’re home from an event or trip. It will take less than five minutes, free up space on your phone and allow you to easily move the photos into one folder for that event. Don’t worry about editing on the phone. That’s better done in the computer. But always create a process to upload your photos and schedule time to do it.

Although organizing that trove of digital memories is on everyone’s to-do list, it never seems to get done, so get it off of your list and stop feeling overwhelmed. All you need to do is call She’s Wired. We’re here to help.

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