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Untangling Tech

Untangling Tech

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From tech student to teacher

Before She’s Wired, Anita Thomas was struggling to keep up with technology — but not anymore. “It’s funny to me that now I give computer lessons to my friends, thanks to what I’ve learned from She’s Wired,” the Buckhead resident says.

Anita knows the value of understanding the latest technology. She has 11 grandchildren. She’s Wired taught her how to stay connected with them by using Instagram and Facebook. And she’s not just a passive observer on social media. Anita posts photos and messages to her family and friends as she travels the world from the South of France to Fashion Week in Milan.


Before finding She’s Wired, Anita had hired an IT technician who would make repairs to her computer. But there was no learning or teaching. So she took a computer class for senior citizens, which she thought was an awful experience.

Anita, determined not to be left behind with technology, found her answer with She’s Wired. The She’s Wired team teaches her how to use the latest software and gadgets, provides cheat sheets for reference, and gives support whenever she needs it, even when she is traveling overseas.

“Everyone on the She’s Wired team is a fabulous teacher, and I’m not embarrassed to say I need more help,” Anita says. “You can ask them any question. And best of all, they are the most pleasant people to work with.”

During the past five years, the She’s Wired team has taught Anita how to use technology that fits her lifestyle, including:

  • Learning how to use the Mac suite of products
  • Generating MailChimp email newsletters
  • Creating Christmas cards
  • Organizing digital photos
  • Designing Shutterfly photo albums
  • Learning social media apps
  • Installing home surge protection throughout the home
  • Selecting and learning how to use a new cell phone
  • Switching her home from one internet provider to another and getting everything to work seamlessly
  • Setting up a password manager and digital security

She’s Wired has also helped Anita create a Legacy Project. Through years of traveling the world, Anita has collected many works of art. The Legacy Project is a digital archive of the collection and tracks the eventual inheritance of each piece. This digital solution is exactly the type of problem solving unique to She’s Wired.

“She’s Wired has absolutely given me confidence to use new technology,” Anita says. “I enjoy staying on top of it. Now when I go out to lunch with my friends, they bring their iPads and tech questions to me!”