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Wrap Up - The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES as it’s better known, was on display Jan 8-10 in Las Vegas. As usual it was quite the spectacle of new, cool, weird and useful tech.

From my perspective, the most interesting use of tech on display at CES was anything to do with foldable tech. It was all over the conference halls. The most amazing was the LG rollable OLED TV. Even though foldable tech is still in its infancy, the possible uses of it for TVs, smart phones and computers is exciting. Check out Royole’s foldable keyboard for your computer. The opposite of folding technology is the introduction of the Samsung Wall TV that is literally the size of your wall.

You’ll probably start hearing about 5G, which is just faster Internet speeds. Many companies are touting it and talking it up. But, until the reality is within our grasp, I won’t be diving into that here.

By now you’ve heard of the BreadBot and the Y-Brush toothbrush. Here’s a quick list of interesting tech from CES.

Travel Tech

  • Smart Suitcase follows you around the airport. No more schlepping your bag through the airport.

  • A must have is a good power adapter to use in all those countries on your bucket list. I liked the Nomadplug, which will always keep you powered up.

Medical Tech

  • Medical technology from a mobility standpoint got a push from Butterfly IQ, a mobile ultrasound solution for the mobile doctor.

  • If tracking your blood pressure is critical, check out the Omron blood pressure watch. We gave my dad the Apple Watch 4 for the holidays so he can track his heart rate (EKG).

Pet Tech

  • Lovot Pet Robot. It’s like a Pet replacement. You don’t need the cat box. Yes, I am totally kidding.

  • But, if you have a cat, you could get the Lavvi Bot litter box. I’m all about poo notifications! LOL

Smart Home Tech

  • Foldimates folds your clothes for you! But not your sheets ...

  • Google and Amazon Home assistants were integrated into everything imaginable. Check out all the tech you can use with a Google Home or the Amazon Alexa.