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Three Cool Features of Mojave


If you have switched to Mojave and haven’t taken the time to explore what all it can do, let us share some of our favorite features.

  1. Dark Mode - This feature is a godsend when you have a migraine or need to give your eyes a rest from a bright screen. It turns the background black and the text white. While not all apps and websites have caught up with this feature yet, it certainly helps on on the ones that have. To toggle on Dark Mode, go so System Preferences/General/Light and Dark options will be at the top for Appearance.

  2. Stacks - We love this. Mojave takes the first step in organizing your desktop by organizing desktop items into stacks of related items. You can change what gets grouped together by file type, date, tags and more options.

  3. Screen shots - Much like on the iPhone, Mojave now gives instant thumbnails when you take a photo and options appear to markup and share the photo.

For more on Mojave’s new features

If you haven’t switched to Mojave yet, here are tips to back up before you do.

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