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Review: The Sonos Beam

She’s Wired Digital Concierge Jan Suchomski bought the Sonos Beam - a smart, sound bar for your TV.

Why I bought the Sonos Beam:

Sonos Beam.png
  • The Sonos Playbar and Playbase have been on my personal wish list for over a year, and I’ve had the Beam on my radar since it was announced in mid-2018.

  • I wanted enhanced sound from my TV for dialogue and overall sound.

  • I already have a few Sonos Ones and wanted to expand my home system.

  • I installed a Beam for a client recently and it pushed me over the edge – I was more impressed with the live sound than what I heard from the demo at a retail store.


  • Great sound for smaller- and medium-size rooms at a reasonable price relative to other comparable sound bars.

  • Setup was easy.

  • Functions as a TV sound bar and smart speaker.

  • Built in optional Alexa voice integration with access to streaming music+ services, including Audible and Alexa enabled smart speaker functions.

  • Part of the Sonos ecosystem – allowing expansion and integration with existing or future Sonos products.

  • Aesthetics - Color options (black or white) and modern look.


  • Setup requires Wi-Fi and using the Sonos app on your tablet or mobile device.

  • While Alexa (voice integration) can be turned off, if it is enabled, it randomly responds to TV dialogue. Randomly meaning once every 4 to 6 hours of TV in my experience.

  • If Wi-Fi drops in your home, you won’t be able to use music services and smart speaker functions. However, TV sound is not Wi-Fi dependent after initial setup.

  • A wall mount is not included.


The Sonos Beam is a TV sound bar plus a smart speaker with impressive sound. If you've never considered a sound bar, you may not know what you’ve been missing. The Alexa integration, while still in its infancy, (meaning imperfect and evolving), is a bonus that you will likely find more useful over time. If you are interested in rekindling or expanding your love of sound, you will find the Sonos Beam a worthy companion. It costs $399.