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Take your home to the Nest level


More than 80 percent of Americans either own or want to purchase a smart home product in the next year, and Nest brand is a popular brand in this market. If you have a Nest in your home, are you getting the most out of your investment? Savings and convenience start with your purchase of this smart-home technology. Here are three ideas to take your Nest use to the next level:


Focus on the thermostat. With cool temperatures ahead, controlling the temperature in your home with Nest Thermostat is a good idea. When you purchase this product, you may qualify for up to a $100 rebate from many energy companies, and your Nest Thermostat keeps working for you. After only a few days of manually adjusting your thermostat, the Nest device picks up on your habits and will begin to make temperature adjustments automatically. You can alter settings right from your phone, an especially handy feature when you’re traveling. Your house can be at the perfect temperature when you arrive without running the heat all week. (And remember to have your lightbulbs on a schedule while you are away, too.)

Link Nest to other helpful apps and products. Nest works with a variety of other home and personal technology, creating a sophisticated sleep tracking system and helps with watering the garden. For example:

  • Be a Misfit. Tracking your sleep is just the beginning with this product. The Misfit bracelet also tracks your body temperature throughout the night and talks to your Nest thermostat so that your house is the most comfortable when you wake.
  • Take it outside. Rachio can be an important addition to your sprinkler system that saves you time and money. Rachio will create a watering schedule and track water usage, all while keeping your yard beautiful. You can tell Nest to turn on the sprinklers if you need some extra watering.

Track your savings. Nest provides a monthly report detailing all of your smart home efficiencies. It includes a summary of the heating and cooling changes from your Nest thermostat, and a safety summary with tips and alerts to keep your home safe in the smartest way possible.

Setting all of the devices can be a daunting task, or maybe you just don’t have the time. That’s where She’s Wired steps in: We’ll create a seamless plan for your home that gives you the best of Nest.

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