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Untangling Tech

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Protect yourself from attacks!

KRACK: What you need to know. KRACK is a new type of attack that targets WPA-2 protected Wi-Fi. WPA-2 is the type of Wi-Fi most of us use. But before you decide to go completely offline, empower yourself with knowledge about how to stay safe.   

The Quick Facts

• BACK UP then UPDATE all devices – your home router being high on the list. Then update your Apple and Windows devices and any Smart Home devices, such as Alexa, Echo, TVs, etc.

• Hackers must be nearby in order to complete the attack.

• Keep using WPA-2 protection: it’s still the safest out there.

• While your home network isn’t 100% safe, this type of attack will mostly impact public Wi-Fi networks.

• Don’t do any online purchasing on a public Wi-Fi network.

• Learn more on C-NET here.

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