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“This Password is Incorrect”

You’ve entered your password for the 3rd time. Pressed Submit. And again…that annoying red sentence pops up: “This password is incorrect.”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. In today’s digital landscape, we have so many passwords to remember: email addresses, bank accounts, Facebook, iCloud, news sites… the list goes on. While using the same password for everything might sound like a good idea, these days hackers are savvier than ever and unique, long, complex passwords are often required.

So how do you balance remembering all those online accounts with the necessity for strong passwords? Well, there are apps for that.

Keeper and 1Password are two apps we encourage clients to use for password management. We’ve helped several clients get into the habit of putting their passwords into secure apps rather than in their address book or on notes. They continue to use these apps today. It’s easy to get started.


  • Download Keeper or 1Password from the App store.
  • Create an account using your email address and a password you have never used before.
  • Yes, you must create a new password, but the great thing is this is the only password you need to remember.
  • Start entering your passwords – type in the account name, the account login (many times it’s your email address) and the password.
  • Save.
  • That’s it.


For added security, we encourage you to pay the annual backup fee so your passwords are safely backed up in case you lose your phone.

After you master keeping your passwords in an app, you can advance to using the auto-fill feature of these apps to fill in your passwords on your computer.

Keep your private data safe, and your online experience frustration free with a password management tool. Now if only there was an app for finding your keys. Oh wait… there is!