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Untangling Tech

Untangling Tech

We keep up with technology so we can help explain it to you. We'll try new devices and share our thoughts on them. We'll share the cool apps our clients are using. We'll watch for the latest scams and alert you so you can protect yourself. Have a question? Send it through our Contact Us page and we'll answer you directly as well as blog about the topic and post it in our monthly newsletter.

Finding your Waze

Atlanta is in a state of traffic turmoil.

Commutes are longer than ever… even trips to the grocery store are terrible. So we’ve compiled a list of tech solutions to ease the burden of burned bridges. Find them below, and let us know how you’re handling the highways!

• Waze – a community navigation app to find your way around gas leaks and ruptured highways
• Audible – books help the long commute feel productive
• Podcasts – catch up on Serial and RadioLab on your drive, and you’ll have endless fodder for water cooler chit chat
• Sirius XM – find fire songs while Atlanta catches on fire
• Pandora – discover music that was popular when I-85 still had a bridge over Piedmont
• Spotify – make an ’80s playlist to get pumped up as you sit still
• Bluetooth in the car – so your hands stay on 9 and 3
• The MARTA app – sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride
• Lyft & Uber – make your commute someone else’s problem