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Losing Your Photos and Keepsakes — A Cautionary Tale

By Jiffy Page, Founder/Principal of Pixorium and Gigi Miller, Owner of Vision Organizing

Let’s start with a true story about a record. Remember those? (If you don’t, I bet you’ve seen them… 😊)

Gene loaned his favorite 12-inch vinyl album to Jack. Jack left the album on the shelf behind the back seat of his car in the Miami sun. Somehow a bowling ball ended up on top of it – the result? The record now resembled a dish. Not exactly playable. Fortunately for Jack, he could go an buy a replacement album for Gene.

But no one else has copies of your photos and keepsakes. There is no store to go to and buy replacement copies – nope, not even Amazon. If you lose them, they are lost for good.

It’s easy to lose things – you forget where they are. Or, they’re in a format you can no longer see, like slides or movies. Or, they’re damaged beyond repair, like the record left in the sun.

A recent study found 76% of moms “would take family photos and videos ahead of purses, jewelry and other valuables – even heirlooms” if they suddenly had to leave home. We’ve all seen examples of that again and again in the devastation of tornados and hurricanes. All people want is their people, pets and pictures, and keepsakes.

If photos and keepsakes are so important, what keeps people from doing something with them? Two things: being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do.

Sound familiar? Well, here’s good news:

  • Yes, you can do this!

  • It is OK to ask for help.

  • Learn from the experts by attending our workshop on June 1 (9:30am – 11am)

    — For workshop details, please CLICK HERE

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