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Smart Home Security Systems


Home security systems have come a long way over the past 5 years. Newer generation security systems are putting the control back in the hands of homeowners for installation and control. These systems provide options for monitored security both with and without a contract. Plan in advance though – that is, get your internet speed updated and its reach consistent throughout your home before you spend the time and money installing a security system.

When a client reached out recently for help upgrading her smart home security system, our first step was to visit her home to see and talk about what she needed. She was unhappy with her current setup and wanted a more comprehensive, smart security system that was easy to use and manage. For this reason, we suggested a Nest system.


Here’s what she chose:

  • Nest Secure alarm system

  • Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Nest Doorbell

  • 3 Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms

  • Nest Cam indoor

  • Nest Cam outdoor

We scheduled Digital Concierge Jan Suchomski to handle installation because she is experienced with home security systems and has the skills to mount the brackets needed for the cameras and ceiling mounted smoke alarms.


While these systems are marketed as do-it-yourself, installation can be challenging if you are not able to install brackets on walls, ceilings or in other high places, or if you are not comfortable navigating the online setup. Jan says she has learned that it’s best to install items systematically. “We had a plan to install the thermostat first, then proceeded to the doorbell and smoke detectors, which had to be mounted on the ceiling.”

From Jan’s experience, here are the pros and cons of the Nest smart home security system:



  • Fairly easy installation

  • iPhone integration and simple, usable iPhone App

  • One system

  • Reasonably priced with optional cellular backup plan

    (if your internet goes down)

  • Monitoring is optional and reasonably priced

  • Security system has a key fob disarm – meaning you won’t be fumbling around with a security code


  • If you change your internet – get a new modem/router - you will need to reset your system

  • Smoke detectors can be difficult to reach on the ceiling

  • Most Nest products other than door sensors have to be plugged into an electric outlet, which means you may need to install more outlets. Some other brands are battery operated.